Why use Laravel Breeze to set up your authentication?

Laravel Breeze

Unlike other Auth libraries, Breeze is a starter kit. This means after installing it and setting it up you don’t need the library in your composer.json file and you can safely delete it.

It gives you 2 big advantages:

1. Less Dependencies

Your composer.json doesn’t need to carry another library and you don’t need to be worried about updates.

2. Customizable

After publishing Breeze’s files in your app you can customize the code. Breeze even publishes the routes auth.php in your routes folder so you can modify them if you want.

Breeze offers more now

Taylor announced that Breeze now supports Livewire out of the box!

  • Blade with Alpine

  • Livewire with Alpine

  • React with Inertia

  • Vue with Inertia

  • API only

How it can be even cooler?

IMO it would be cooler if Breeze was also able to support 2FA so you don’t need to install Fortify.

What do you think about this?

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