After searching on the Internet for websites that provide a service for getting more information about IP addresses, Like what country they belong to, I decided to create a free one!

What is an IP API

Sometimes we need to know where our users come from, Geolocational I mean. To do this we need to have access to an IP Database to fetch users’ locations according to their IP address.

We have two options here:

  • Get your hands dirty and download those databases (some are free) and implement them in your code and keep the database updated because the IP Databases are changing repeatedly.
  • Let experts do this for you 🙂 and you just call some API and receive the data in the response.

The second option is called IP API.

What is this post about?

As you can guess, I am going to introduce something to you :). Long story short, I created A free forever IP API.

But there are plenty of websites like this

Yes. I googled so much about it but I couldn’t find an absolutely free IP API on the web so they allow you to use it in your commercial projects!

Feel free to use this in your all projects 🎉

Not open-source

This website is not an open-source project; however, The tool that I used in it is open-source!

Check the IP2Location package on my Github.

I really enjoy creating useful tools for developers 🙂